Are you Drowning in Paperwork?

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Go paperless!  Well when we heard the concept of a paperless society, we originally thought this was going to be an impossible dream.

How would this ever be achieved?  Don’t we need to keep receipts for seven years?  How can we just throw away this docket?

Paperless – this catch phrase has been around for some time, and whilst this originally seemed impossible it is much more common place in today’s business world.  There is some great technology available that helps us achieve this.

As part of our client packages/service offerings we provide the use of a product called “Receipt Bank”.  This is a fantastic software program which can save you from literally drowning in receipts.

As an added bonus – it also provides easy and fast processing of accounts, with copies of the invoice or a link placed into your accounting package.  And that’s not even the best bit……  when you allow us to do your outsourced accounting which includes bookkeeping, you can use the app on your mobile phone, take a photo of the receipt/bill and sit back and relax while we handle the rest.

Sound perfect?  We thought so too, give us a call and ask us how we can help you!

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