Tania Fitzgerald is a passionate team member of Azimuth Partners who enjoys helping businesses work out better ways to achieve their goals, and finding ways to improve facets of their working life.

Tania brings understanding from both the commercial world and the compliance field.  She has worked in various positions ranging from small, medium and large commercial businesses to government owned agencies.

Areas of Expertise

  • Problem solving.  Tania has an ability to pull apart information or issues and work on solving and fixing the issue to provide workable solutions,
  • Financial Educator, helping clients and business owners make sense of their financial information,
  • Ability to take business issues and financial information and explain them in a way that ensures her clients understand,
  • Early adopter of cloud technology, focused on ensuring new technology is used to improve business processes,
  • Ability to review clients files and processes and assist in creating solutions to problems or processing issues,
  • Project work, and
  • Assisting in delivering business workshops.