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General aviation faces significant hurdles and, to build a sustainable future, we need to create tools to address these barriers.

By completing this survey and sharing your experience as an aviation business owner, you will be contributing to industry-first research to help navigate general aviation’s challenges.

Now, and in the future.



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Step 1: Tell us your risks

Share your business risks and challenges by filling out the Aviation Business Risks survey, which takes two minutes to complete. All participants will receive a risks scorecard.

Step 2: Share your experiences

Take our ten-minute General Aviation Insights survey to tell us more about your business and share your experiences. All participants will receive the final Insights Report.

Step 3: Build your business

Take part in the Better Aviation Business Program to receive strategic guidance and contribute to industry benchmarking and economic research. Participants receive a copy of the final Research Report.



Help Secure General Aviation’s Future, And Yours

The research will be collated into a detailed Research Report, providing a comprehensive economic review of the industry and guidance on creating a sustainable future.


Take The First Step


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Privacy Statement: This survey is for businesses who work in, or service, the general aviation industry in Australia. Your contact details, including your name, phone number, and email address, will be used by Azimuth Partners to carry out the survey and to communicate with you. Personal information you provide in the survey will not be used within subsequent reports nor will it be shared outside of Azimuth Partners without your permission. To submit feedback, please contact